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Assisted Living

From his humble beginnings assisting his mother care giving for the elderly in his church and family, SongMaestro first began as a volunteer singing Gospel to the sick and shut in throughout the nursing homes of Baltimore, Maryland.

After his career advanced to work with studios and recording artists of many different styles of music, SongMaestro developed the Millennium Memories Show specifically to bring high quality affordable performances to residents of Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities.

As a former counselor and a caregiver of a relative with dementia, SongMaestro immediately recognized the therapeutic value of music and memory as residents of facilities began to respond and sing along with his variety show format not seen since the days of Lawrence Welk, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and Andy Williams. For a comparatively young man in his 40’s, residents are amazed at how well he understands music eras he was not born to even experience first-hand.

As one client related
“As a caregiver to my mother with Alzheimer’s, whom we had feared regressed to a point of non-responsiveness, I was amazed at how endearing it was to her to hear SongMaestro’s singing just from his website. Little did I realize that one of the songs he sang was one that my late father used to sing to her. During those precious moments that I share SongMaestro’s music with my mother, she is in a place that I have not seen her in quite some time.”

Song Maestro is well aware of the budget constraints facilities can be subject to due to regulations of resident fees and does not expect to command what is typical of a mainstream performance. Program pricing is based on either a mid-morning or early afternoon show on a Monday through Thursday non holiday schedule and becomes more affordable if placed on a regular schedule of 3 or more times a year. He has always been a hit on family visitation nights or open house and has been credited with being a factor in families choosing a facility.